Mariela V. Demetriou
Chic is my ministry

About Mariela

Mariela is a Fashion Consultant and Freelance Writer. Mariela carries over 23 years in the field of Executive Management, Communications, International Marketing, Business Development, Branding, Event Management, Publicity and General Management experience across Fashion, Luxury, Lifestyle and the Corporate sector.

She has helped pioneer Australian brands develop their network here in Paris, Milan and London and as the former General Manager of Australian Fashion Week, she is well versed in lobbying Government, creating strategic stakeholder opportunities, building Partnerships and engaging with established and new generation designers. Mariela was also the former General Manager and Business and Creative Developer for Australian international marketing agency, the EVT Marketing group, which saw her working across campaigns in Italy, Japan, the US and parts of Asia.

Mariela lives in France with her husband and two daughters; born in Chile, South America and raised in Sydney, Australia. Mariela is currently advising on projects across Europe as well as balancing the role of Fashion Editor across Paris, Milan, Madrid and London for a leading business/ entrepreneurial/ lifestyle Magazine distributed globally over 37 different countries.